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About Us

We are a non-profit philanthropic entity, created on 28/04/2019, in São Paulo, with the objective of supporting people with Adrenal Insufficiency (AI) and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH).

The free service involves primarily patients who depend on the daily use of medication and need medical monitoring.

We have a multidisciplinary team composed of doctors, researchers, psychologists and volunteers.

The association's mission is also to contribute to society, promoting courses, lectures and workshops on topics of interest to those with
Adrenal Insufficiency and Adrenal Hyperplasia and who collaborate to improve the quality of life of those served.

To better understand us, let's talk a little about what an Association is.

It is called association to the union of several people to achieve a common goal. According to law number 10.406 / 02, it defines associations as the union of people who organize themselves for non-economic purposes (art.53). In this way, associations constitute a group of people, with a common purpose that pursue the defense of certain interests, without having profit as an objective. Therefore, they are legal entities of private law, non-profit, formed by the gathering of people in favor of a common objective, with no interest in sharing financial results between them. All income from its activities must be reverted to fulfill its statutory objectives. Its purpose can be altruistic - as a charitable association that serves a community without qualified restrictions - or non-altruistic, in the sense that it is restricted to a select and homogeneous group of members.

Therefore, Patient Associations have a fundamental role to play at all levels in the health area. This role must be fully comprehensive, from the planning of health policies to their implementation. It is the role of associations to defend the interests of the people they represent. So let's get together, each person in this country who has adrenal insufficiency, inform the others, let's make a great union to fight for our goals.


Disseminate technological and scientific advances, provide guidance on guaranteeing national liability rights and offer quality of life to patients with Adrenal Insufficiency and Adrenal Hyperplasia.


Reception, Humanization, Ethics, Transparency, Cooperation, Credibility, Respect.


To be a reference in providing free care to patients with Adrenal Insufficiency and Adrenal Hyperplasia, enabling access to professionals, products and services and guidance through campaigns, courses, lectures, workshops, and integration of social groups.


Disclose Adrenal Insufficiency and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and their treatments, in addition to providing assistance and guidance to patients and their families, aiming to provide a better quality of life


Who we are

We are a large family, each one united with their difficulties, but with a single objective, which is to help everyone with Adrenal Insufficiency and Adrenal Hyperplasia . We have a multidisciplinary team composed of doctors, researchers, psychologists and volunteers. Get to know us:


Adriana Lúcia Wendt Fadel

Anesthesiologist, graduated in medicine by the Santamarense Education and Culture Organization UNISA. Specialization in Anesthesiology at the Teaching and Training Center of Hospital Beneficiencia Portuguesa SP.

Active member of the Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology.

Postgraduate in aerospace medicine, with Addison's disease since 2014.

President of ABA


Adriana Santiago

Psychologist graduated at Centro Universitário Celso Lisboa, mother of Letícia who has Addison's disease since she was 5 years old. Researcher on Addison out of obligation.

Founder of the Addison Family in 2015.

Vice President of ABA

Maurício Salomão Fadel

Maurício Salomão Fadel

Physician, Orthopedic Surgeon. graduated in Medicine - PUC / SP. Residence in Orthopedics and Traumatology - Escola Paulista de Medicina, Director of Instituto Naeon. Specialization in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Hospital do Servidor Público do Estado do SP.

Full member of the Brazilian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology.

Adriana Fadel's husband.

ABA Financial Director


Paulo Roberto Ferreira

Geographer graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ, with a Master's degree in Transport Engineering from COPPE / UFRJ.

College professor. Adriana Santiago's husband, Leticia who has Addison's disease since she was 5 years old.

ABA Vice Financial Director


Renata Fernandes

Renata Fernandes de Carvalho Rubião e Silva, Speech therapist graduated from the Bandeirantes University of São Paulo, specialized in oral motor skills, for 20 years. They have had Addison's disease since 1999.

ABA Scientific Committee - AI


Giulia Wendt Fadel

Graduated in Medicine at PUC-SPResident in Orthopedics and Traumatology at PUC-SP.

Daughter of Adriana Fadel. 

ABA Scientific Committee - AI


Valéria Pacce

Public Relations graduated from FIAM - Faculdade Integrada Alcântara Machado. Post-Graduate in People Management at FMU and Post-Graduate in Health Promotion by the Medical School of USP.

Arthur's mother, who has Addison's disease.

ABA Scientific Committee - AI


Vanessa Mendes

Chemical Engineer and Occupational Safety Engineer both from Universidade Santa Cecília, have Addison's Disease.

ABA Scientific Committee - AI


Elga Marta Dalla Vecchia

Retired, in the administrative sector and massage therapist. Diagnosed in 2001 with Addison's Disease.

ABA Scientific Committee - AI


Hercília Ferreira

Business psychologist, has Addison's disease.

ABA Accounting Committee

Felipe Trajano

Felipe Trajano

Graduated in law from the University of Brazil.

Addison's disease.

ABA Accounting Committee


Denise Lucheta

Speech therapist from São Paulo, mother of Gustavo 8 years old with HAC salt-losing Classical Form.

"I believe that guidance is the best way for treatment"

ABA Scientific Committee - CAH


Joelder Marcel da Silva

Hairdresser and Theologian of the Foursquare Institute.

He is 32 years old, has HAC salt-wasting Classical Form.

"He believes that HC occurred at the right time, guided by GOD, amen."

ABA Scientific Committee - CAH

Liliane2 .jpeg

Liliane Rodrigues B. Oliveira

Bank employee, resident in Goiânia, mother of Gustavo 07 years old, with HAC salt-wasting Classic Form.

"She believes that the right information and diagnosis at the right time can save lives!"

ABA Scientific Committee - CAH


Daniele Johann

Paranaense, graduated in pedagogy, English teacher, mother of Leonardo 02 years old, with HAC salt-wasting Classical Form.

"She believes that different people can come together with the same purpose and through information transform lives, families and the whole world."

ABA Scientific Committee - CAH


Lorraine Barbosa

Luiza's mother 06 years old, with CAH and Asperger's Syndrome.

"I fight for a cause where prejudice and fear have taken hold of many. I continue in the hope of a better world with more information where everyone can have an early diagnosis without fatalities.

ABA Scientific Committee - CAH


Sabrine Guedes

Public servant, from Rio de Janeiro, resident in Santa Catarina, mother of Heitor with 03 years old with HAC salt-wasting Classical Form.

"The exchange of experiences is a fundamental aid in the development of knowledge about the disease and its treatment, as well as an important tool for emotional support."

ABA Scientific Committee - CAH


Angelica Belo

Student, mother of Yuri 13 years old with CAH Classic Form not losing salt.

"I joined the project to help take information to mothers in the same condition and change this reality that many are unaware of."

ABA Scientific Committee - CAH

Come and be part of this project. Be an ABA partner and help us provide a better life for everyone with Adrenal Insufficiency and Adrenal Hyperplasia.

Our story

Our history begins long before the formation of the Association.

In 2010 Adriana Santiago is faced with Addison's Disease, her daughter at the time with 07 years was diagnosed with Addison (since she was 5 in search of a diagnosis). In search of information and better treatments for his daughter, he conducts several studies on adrenal insufficiency, and in possession of greater knowledge about the disease, he decided, in July 2015, to found the group on Facebook: " Addison's disease ". This group grows and receives new members every day.


On the same day that founds the group, Adriana Fadel, who owns Addison, enters and the two have an immediate identification and start to exchange information and help.


A year after joining the group, Adriana Fadel becomes an administrator together with Adriana Santiago, and the desire to open an association grows more and more.


Due to the level of rapport and trust, the group changes its name to "Friends of Addison" , and new members arrive every day. The friendship of the two Adrianas becomes stronger and stronger and they decide to help people as they can. Until the group enters a maturity of trust that we only have as a family. And by maturity, it changes its name again, and changes its name to "Addison Family". Many only have this place to feel helped, understood and loved, yes, we love people! Until on a trip to São Paulo, Adriana Santiago talks to Adriana Fadel that the Association of Brazil would have to be born! The two agree to go together! On April 28, 2019 ABA (Associação Brasileira Addisoniana) is founded, most of the members met through the "Addison Family".


A new chapter begins to be written in our history at this very moment.

I am very grateful for my family, addisonian friends and family who supported me and support me day after day, giving me the strength to take many positive things out of this experience and find a new and greater purpose in life!

Adriana Fadel, 6 years old with Addison's Disease

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