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First case of CAH reported

The first indirectly reported case of CAH is believed to have occurred around AD 800, when Pope Joan, during a procession, gave birth to a baby. This event or legend was reported years after the event, in 1250, by friar Jean de Mailly and, later, it was described in D`Onofrio's book entitled “La Papessa".

The first scientific report of the disease was published in the magazine Morgagni, in 1865, through the description of findings after an autopsy performed on a man named Giuseppe Marzo, aged forty, who died suddenly. This procedure was performed by anatomy professor Luigi De Crecchio, in Napoli, who found uterus and fallopian tubes in the analyzed individual, in addition to enlarged adrenal glands. This man's penis was 6 cm long and there were no testicles. When investigating Giuseppe Marzo's past, the professor discovered that, at birth, Giuseppe had been considered a girl, named Giuseppina. However, at the age of three months, his mother noticed something strange in his genitalia, but only at the age of four was the presence of an ambiguous genitalia, thus changing his name. At the time, it was not possible to correctly certify the cause of death, but it is currently believed to have dealt with a salt loss crisis, mainly due to the great emphasis on reporting the size of the adrenal.

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