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The last remaining light

We thank the Swedish Association through Martin Norrman for giving the video to the Brazilian Association and for helping us with a lot of information so that we could have our association.

The short film “The Last Remaining Light”, a film produced and directed by Martin Wallgren and co-produced by Addisonian and Addison Team cyclist Martin Norrman (Martin Norrman also founded the non-profit Swedish Addison Association https: // ).

The following is a brief introduction to the film:

This is Addison's most brilliant, touching and phenomenal film, letting the world know more about the primary Addison (it applies a lot to all forms of AI), as well as breathtaking cinematography and narration. It is the story of the illness, struggle and triumphs of co-producer and actor Martin Norrman, in coordination with producer and director Martin Wallgren. This film was made with the aim of raising awareness about the diseases of IA, and we cannot thank Martin and his team enough for their years of hard work and dedication to this important project, and for this incredible film.

While some people diagnosed with primary Addison may not feel that they can resume the level of activity that Martin does in this incredible film, they will definitely see their own story.

PLEASE SHARE THIS MOVIE LINK with everyone you know. The more we can raise awareness about Addison's forms and other forms of IA, the more we will increase funding, research and treatment options for our illnesses, and perhaps one day we will find a cure. These will be the best 15 minutes you will have with Addison. You can see this movie in several languages by clicking the "CC" button at the top.

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