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ABA is performing the registration and mapping of patients in all regions of Brazil, with primary, secondary, tertiary Adrenal Insufficiency and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, so that we can unite, fight for new opportunities and improvements in treatment, medications and diagnosis of diseases.

For all patients who have a medical instruction letter, we will send the identification cards containing personal data, emergency contact and conduct to be followed in case of emergency.

ABA is open to receive anyone who has any type of Adrenal Insufficiency or Adrenal Hyperplasia dependent on medication. Family, friends or any natural or legal person interested in adrenal medicine will be welcome.


To better help, please let us know:

A 1 via do cartão é enviada pela ABA, sem custo adicional. Demais vias devem ser adquiridas em nossa loja.

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