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We've put together some tips for you:

  • On hot days hydrate yourself more.

  • If you start to feel weak, use coconut or isotonic water.

  • The nausea started, take your nausea medicine and watch for signs.

  • In situations of stress in the body (for example a flu), it is recommended to double the dose.

  • Emotional stress causes harm too! If you can, get therapy to deal with your emotions.

  • A balanced diet makes a lot of difference.

  • Physical exercises are great for relieving everyday tensions. How about a walk?

  • Do not drink alcohol.

  • He started to feel the symptoms even after the double dose, he didn't normalize, go to the emergency room.

  • Make a necessaire with your medicines to be always ready, when you need it.

  • Are you going to travel? Pack your medication first, remember to take too much medicine, we never know when we will need to double the dose, take a fever medicine, nausea and always have an isotonic on hand.

  • Always remember to carry your emergency letter.

  • Wear an identification bracelet.

  • Guide your family, they need to know how to help you in times of crisis.

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